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Q: What are the hours of operation for United Car Care, Inc.? *

A: 6:30am to 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday, excluding normal holidays.

Q: What are my responsibilities under the terms of my UCC Vehicle Service Contract? *

  • A: To keep your UCC Vehicle Service Contract valid, you must have your vehicle serviced as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Upon customary and reasonable notice of the occurrence of a mechanical breakdown or failure, you will protect the vehicle from further damage.
  • You must give authorization to a repair facility for tear-down and inspection to diagnose a problem.

Q: When does coverage under my UCC Vehicle Service Contract begin and end? *

  • A: On all New UCC Vehicle Service Contracts, plan coverage starts on the day you purchase the plan. The plan term starts at zero miles, not upon expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Expiration of all contracts is based on a time and mileage factor. Actual expiration takes place when the first of the two factors is realized.
  • On all Used Vehicle Service Contracts, expiration is based solely on the purchase date and duration of the contract purchased.

Q: How do I file a claim on my UCC Vehicle Service Contract? *

A: For mechanical breakdowns on your vehicle within 50 miles of the issuing dealership, you should return your vehicle to the issuing dealership for service under your UCC Vehicle Service Contract.

If you are more than 50 miles from the issuing dealership, you should contact UCC at 1-800-571-2016. Regardless of repair facility, pre-authorization is always required from UCC before any services are performed under your UCC Vehicle Service Contract.


Q: Why is UCC one of the top rated vehicle service contract companies in the nation? *

Customer Service: UCC focuses on providing 100% customer satisfaction. Because UCC understands that customers are the reason we are in business -
We Take Care Of You.
Custom Services and Products: We fit YOUR specific needs. From basic to the most comprehesive exclusionary coverage - UCC has it all.
Industry-Leading Claims Service: UCC is known for quick responsiveness.
Experience: UCC has some of the best people in the automotive industry working for us.
Peace of Mind: UCC’s vehicle service contracts offer peace of mind and eliminate the worry of breakdowns.

Q: How do I contact UCC?

To contact UCC during normal business hours click here.

To contact UCC outside of normal business hours via e-mail click here.

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United Car Care, Inc. contracts include some of the best options in the Vehicle Service Contract industry, to ensure that you and your family will be protected now and down the road.

*(For specifics, refer to your contract.)

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