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United Car Care, Inc. does its best to provide quality customer service. Please use the following information to contact us regarding any questions/issues you may have.

If you wish to purchase a contract please click this link and follow the instructions on the page.

Our normal business hours are:

6:30am to 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time
Monday through Friday
Excluding normal holidays.

Mailing Address:
United Car Care, Inc.
P.O. Box 3988
Greenwood Village, CO  80155-3988

For Information/Questions Regarding CLAIMS --
Telephone:+1 800 571 2016
FAX: +1 303 306 1922
E-mail: email your Claims questions.
For Information Regarding EMERGENCY ROADSIDE --
Telephone:+1 800 380 2165
For Information/Questions Regarding CONTRACTS --
Telephone: +1 800 571 6412
FAX: +1 303 785 7067
E-mail: email your Contracts questions.
*Prospective Dealer or Agent Contact:
If you are a prospective dealer or agent please visit our dealer and agent contact page by clicking on this link.

UCC Forms

These forms can be downloaded from the following links to expedite the process to add a contract holder's name, and complete a commercial-use form, cancel/transfer form, or an inspection form.

Affidavit Add contract Holder Name Form
Affidavit Of Personal Use Form
Cancel / Transfer Form
UCC Inspection Report Form
Universal Remittance Form

What to do in case of a mechanical breakdown or failure

1. If your vehicle is within 50 miles of the issuing dealer, you should return your vehicle to the issuing dealer for service under your contract. If your vehicle is more than 50 miles from the issuing dealer, contact the administrator for instructions: 1-800-571-2016.

Services performed outside the issuing dealer will be paid at a rate established by the administrator. Mail all authorized claims to the address on the left of this page. Prior authorization from the administrator is always required before any services being performed under your contract (except for emergency repairs, see section "YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES" of your contract for details.) Under certain conditions, you may be required to have the vehicle sent to a repair facility selected by the administrator. We reserve the right to inspect your vehicle prior to issuing the authorization to the repair facility.

2. Submitting a Claim: After the administrator has authorized the claim, you are responsible for payment of any deductible, copay and/or any other items not covered by the contract. For those items, within thirty (30) days of the authorized claim, submit a legible, itemized, and signed original repair order, including all sublet and rental bills as applicable, to the administrator for claim reimbursement. (Keep a copy for your records).

3. Emergency Repairs can be performed without prior authorization from the administrator provided the loss and repair meet each of the following four criteria:



The mechanical breakdown or failure must prevent you from safely operating your vehicle.


The need for repair is immediate and the administrator’s office is closed.


The mechanical breakdown or failure must be of a covered part of your contract.


The total cost of the repair / replacement must not exceed $250.00.

In the event you need to have an Emergency Repair performed, follow these instructions:

You must have the repair facility call the administrator the next business day to report the Emergency Repair.

Provide administrator with proof of maintenance upon request and cooperate in the investigation of any loss.

Retain all parts which you authorize a repair facility to replace.

If the administrator requests, bring your vehicle and the parts you had replaced to a repair facility of the administrator's choice per inspection.
  Provide administrator with proof of loss (original receipts - no photo copies) within thirty (30) days of the authorized repair.

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